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SayedChyEditor’s Note
While there are numerous local business and community directories serving the Muslim communities in different geographic locations, there is no single source of information covering the whole of the Muslim world. With this in mind, it was our long-cherished dream to create a unique common trading platform for businesses and other organizations throughout the member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).
The Muslim Index which you are holding in your hands is the realization of this dream and is the result of tremendous hard work and commitment by all those involved with it to produce a unique directory for the whole of the Muslim Ummah.
Our aim with this directory, which has a global circulation spanning all continents, is to inspire a new vision in order for Mazor business and organization within the OIC to know each other, introduce products and services, promote brands and businesses; to uphold individual organizations’ images within the Muslim world as well as in the wider global community; to achieve community cohesion, break down barriers and build bridges between the Muslim world and wider society by recognizing the enormous potential benefit that an integrated Islamic business concept can offer.
In producing the Muslim Index, both in this printed version and the muslimindex.net website, we have endeavoured to create a dynamic vehicle that can open new horizons to enable:
– Businesses to discover new markets and clients, suppliers, promoters, manufacturers, distributors, etc. not just in their own countries, but also in other countries within the global Muslim Ummah.
– NGOs, charities and other organizations to reach all corners of the Muslim world, promoting their causes and concerns.
– Individuals to find Muslim businesses and organizations, Islamic products and services, information about scholars and personalities, details of important heritage sites, locations and other places of interest to Muslims worldwide.
An undertaking of this size and complexity would not have been possible without the invaluable support and guidance of our patrons, advisers, contributors, wellwishers and the hard work of our dedicated staff.
A special note of thanks to all of our advertisers without whose support this publication would not have been possible.
The Muslim Index is a unique directory which we hope will be of tremendous benefit to all who utilize it. We welcome any comments and suggestions about this directory and how we may be able to improve it to better help the Muslim Ummah.
The Muslim Index – the essential directory for the Muslim world.

Sayed Chowdhury

Muslim Index: The essential directory for the Muslim World
Published by: Media Mohol Ltd, London 2009-2010

Contributor: Mohammed Shamim, Moshahid Hussain, Muhammed Abul Aziz, Forhad Ahmed, Shamim Ahmed, Mohammed Hossain, Abdul Mazid.

“Muslim Index is a wonderful idea” – Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu (Secretary-General, Organization of the Islamic Conference) at a meeting in London, April 2008.